Has anyone else had false profiles posted on blog sites?

Answer It does seem odd behaviour but on the net people have anonymity which empowers them to behave this way and you have to remember on this site the age begins at 13 but how Yahoo check this and ensure... Read More »

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Have you ever posted a false peice of information on wikipedia?

Can people trace me when i posted comments on blog like blogspot or blogigo?

People can trace your I.P. address no matter what site you're using. If you're this concerned about being detected, just use a proxy to appear as a different I.P. address.

Getting paid to blog sites?

How to: WordPress Sync Blog Between Two Sites?

If you own two websites with different user bases you may want to introduce readers of one website to the other by synchronising the content between the two. By installing the WP-o-Matic plugin on ... Read More »