Has anyone ever used before for train tickets?

Answer Best fares are on the train company's own website or

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Anyone ever used the 6000 miles with insure the box car insurance before the year is up and cancelled?

You pay for 6000 miles - so if you have done 6000 miles you have used all of the premium. There won't be any refund.

Buying train tickets just before off-peak begins with railcard discount?

With most railcards the discount period starts at 09-30am weekdays; anytime weekends. On the 16 to 25 railcard there is a minimum fare of £12 including discount before 10am weekdays and the Network... Read More »

When buying train tickets online, how long does it take before the money comes out for your account?

I assume you are talking about paying by debit card as you refer to your account having no money in it (join the club!) If that is the case, then the payment is made immediately which the whole pur... Read More »

Train tickets, can anyone help me im young and abit confused:(?

Since you haven't specified, i assume you mean Saturday 9th October, you say your boyfriend lives in Scotland, but where? Do you know which station you are travelling to? If not find the name of th... Read More »