Has anyone ever used

Answer I bought a book from them (by mistake) from amazon, but it was a 'pukka' book with real information in it, so it was OK.It's cheap 'vanity' publishing if you just want a few copies for friend and f... Read More »

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Anyone ever used

I use Wonga quite often and I don’t get how anybody can call it complicated. Banks are complicated with a lot of hidden fine print. You never know what you are really getting yourself into with t... Read More »

Anyone ever used

It is legitimate, I looked at it for some tenants last year.Basically, you pay them a monthly insurance premium and a smallish application fee. If you trash the place, they recompense your landlor... Read More »

Has anyone ever used an a-level math qualification to get a job?

No, if you don't plan to work in a field that directly uses Maths, you don't need it at A-level.But, if you don't study maths then you're cutting out a lot of interesting career options. Have you ... Read More »

Has anyone ever used "" to sell there car?

I've never tried them ... but they charge 90GBP to list a car - seems a lot more pricey than most others out there. You can try - they provide the same service but they only charge... Read More »