Has anyone found love on facebook?

Answer No... not love but i have found a few good mates from the past & a few new mates but i was with my bf before i got into facebook.Good luck to your mate! ♥ღ♥

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Ive found my first love thanks to msn messager...?

Have you tried teleportation, it worked for me.First you have to activate your quantum field matrixoscillator.

How do You Know if You Have Found True Love?

You will know if you have found true love if you feel that this person is the right one for you. It's usually a magical feeling that makes everything with this person seem right.

How to Know if You Have Found Your True Love ?

In the midst of a relationship, you may question if it is true love or something else. Definitions for love vary, but psychologist Eric Fromm declared that love is more than a feeling; it requires ... Read More »

Do this mean i am pathetic. i have only ever, found love on the internet, but i've never been with a lover.?

Call it lack of confidence. You need to push yourself into action, ask to meet her, somewhere where she will feel safe. Be positive, be yourself, be humorous, not doleful. Above all, don't be afrai... Read More »