Has anyone got a good sentence or sentences on this?

Answer If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really livingIgnorance is no excuse, it's the real thingBecause things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they areIt w... Read More »

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Are recommended sentences the same as a minimum sentences in the uk?

no, there are parameters and the judges or magistrates choose the sentence to fit the crime, social reports and past convictions etc! (allegedly) You may be thinking of murder, in particular. The s... Read More »

Does the sentence sound good?

Hello, Chet!Since you is my version:"If I happened to be on the bus and you were on the street, and we were heading into two different directions, what do you think I should do at that... Read More »

Will these people receive Custodial Sentence or Suspended Sentence?

See if you can find out what happened when they clashed at North Shields Ferry Landing,that should give you some sort of guide. apologies for my ignorance but why, as per the newspaper report, is c... Read More »

i called the police because my boyfriend left me insulting,abusive voicemail,he was arrested and will appear in court he has aprevioue conviction for assult to injury against me ,what sentence will he get, he is a good bloke i just get upset?

No idea. Ask the OIC. He is not a good bloke. He upsets you because he sends insulting, abusive voicemail.Get a grip and get some pride. A long sentence. but that's enough about the length of you... Read More »