Has anyone got an email address were I can complain to facebook?

Answer As far as I can see there isn't one, the only way is the links given by the previous answers.good luck

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I have just set up a new email address to complain about petrol & diesel prices in the UK. Please join me and?

already sent you an email. have a star.i'm with you on this.

Facebook says "Incorrect email address" when i type in the email for my account?

At first, lo-gin E-mail account than click Facebook mail.

Someone using my email address for Facebook?

Yes, someone has used your e-mail for Facebook. It's Probably someone you know but maybe someone has typed your e-mail address when Facebook asks for one (Unless you have a very unguessable e-mail ... Read More »

Can i add another facebook account to my email address and how?

Sorry there is no way to make more than one FB account with one email id. Please get another email id to make another FB account.