Has anyone had a bad experience with "tiscali" Broadband?

Answer They are notoriously useless. If I were you I'd cancel the contract (which you can do as it has yet to be delivered) and move to Plusnet, who are consistently ranked as top provider.

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Tiscali Broadband + Phone?

My father has been with them for 3 years. He HATES them but cant seem to get away. They penalise him with every stroke and he cannot seem to change provider without being charged a REALLY extortion... Read More »

Broadband - which is better - Tiscali or Orange!?

Check out Broadband-Finder and independent broadband resource where you can compare the packages.They also have phone numbers for providers on there, so if there is any outstanding queries, you can... Read More »

Has anyone moved to tiscali broadband and talk did it go smoothly?

You haven't said what you have got at the moment! You might just be jumping out of the fryingpan into the fire. Tiscali used to be Freeserve years ago which wasn't bad, but since they were taken ov... Read More »

Did anyone have problems connecting via Tiscali broadband last night - 29-10-07?

i had troubles aswell, i phoned tiscali and a robot gave me the message 'some customers in the south east will experience problems connecting to the internet and it should be sorted by 8.30' mine w... Read More »