Has anyone heard all this talk about supposed "Truth" regarding FaceBook?

Answer Seen anything in the National and International Press about it?Seen anything about it on FB it's self?Then what you have heard isn't worth the paper it's written on!

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I've recently heard about an experiment by Harvard that 'stopped' light in 2002. Is this really what happened If the speed of light is supposed to be a constant c, how is it appearing stopped — CR, Dallas, Texas?

The speed of light in vacuum, as denoted by the letter c, is truly a constant of nature and one of its most influential constant at that. Even if light didn't exist, the speed of light in vacuum wo... Read More »

Has anyone ever heard and/or ordered anything from/about this site?

I've never heard of it either - I would be cautious too as the only real contact number is a mobile phone voicemail; sounds dodgy to me!Stick to reputable sources for your memory such as Crucial o... Read More »

As anyone heard of ft solutions regarding timeshares?

If they ask for a fee upfront, then it's definitely a scam. Timeshare attracts the biggest load of thieves, crooks and conmen that you'll ever come across. Beware!

Just got e-mail from a friend, msn chat line is closing down.has anyone heard about this?

MSN chat ROOMS already closed down. MSN as in the messenger for talking one to one to people online is not closing down.Any other mails about too many users or other fake mails should be ignored.Mi... Read More »