Has anyone in Spain gone over to BT ADSL and phone lines nd given up telefonica?

Answer BT have actually been operating in Spain for many years, but until 2008 they only offered their services via contracts with major Businesses. BT currently do not have any direct dealing customer se... Read More »

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Can a verbal warning be given over the phone?

i personally think it is more proper face to face but i guess if you have been with the company for a while then they might consider it ok to tell you over the phone.

Ive gone over my mega bytes on my phone on orange internet, how much will i be charged?

I live in Spain but want to be directed to Myspace UK not Spain anyone know how I do this thanks!?

Anyone know of a company in spain who handle imports of second hand boats into spain- paperwork etc?

Here are a couple of links. You may find a contact through then that will be able to help you. Best of luck with it.