Has anyone moved to tiscali broadband and talk did it go smoothly?

Answer You haven't said what you have got at the moment! You might just be jumping out of the fryingpan into the fire. Tiscali used to be Freeserve years ago which wasn't bad, but since they were taken ov... Read More »

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I want to get broadband can anyone tell me who is the better server Sky broadband or Talk Talk!?

TalkTalk are a complete joke. They jumped on the broadband bandwagon and didn't have the infrastructure to keep people connected. My friend went with them and barely had a working line.Virgin Media... Read More »

Can anyone recommend a Broadband provider I'm with BT but they're really expensive. May Talk Talk?

virgin do the phone and tv plus internet for £30 a month

Does anyone else have trouble with talk talk broadband or is it just me it"s sh e?

The main problem with Talk Talk is their first line tech support are rubbish, however their second line are really switched on.problem is it can take hours to get through first line, and they close... Read More »

Has anyone had a bad experience with "tiscali" Broadband?

They are notoriously useless. If I were you I'd cancel the contract (which you can do as it has yet to be delivered) and move to Plusnet, who are consistently ranked as top provider.