Has someone been on my facebook account whats your opinion?

Answer Don't give out your password to's better to be safe than sorry. Giving out password information is like putting a poster board on your front lawn telling everyone your personal informatio... Read More »

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Facebook Whats your opinion?

I don't understand the purpose of it.A friend invited me to join, so I joined, now that friend only contacts me on facebook, whereas they used to email and text me, now I get an email telling me I ... Read More »

Whats your opinion on this?

They can only blackmail you if you have something to hide or be ashamed of. I am never ashamed of what I do - it's my life and I'll look at whatever I want to - even if it's a bit naughty!!

In your opinion, whats the best antivirus?

Norton and McAfee are extremely bad imo.Nod32 is probably the best antivirus program, use that along with avg and you will be pretty good.

Whats your opinion on SND.L Sanderson PLC?

Seems to have been badly affected by the recession. Year high of 43p, forecasts would suggest slow recovery to 50p in next 3 years.