Has your facebook page ever been hacked?

Answer i think mine hasimy friends couldnt see my page but i could....and when we started to send messages to each other talking about this it soon corrected itself? i have the same name as a politician s... Read More »

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Facebook page has been 'hacked', any suggestions?

You might file a suit against the recruit. Even without actual legal action, a letter with a law-firm looking letterhead might persuade him to cooperate. Get a copy of all the content on the pag... Read More »

How to Know If Your Facebook Page Was Hacked?

Currently, Facebook is the second most popular website on the Internet. As such, it is a prime target for hackers. The Facebook accounts of unsuspecting victims are routinely hacked, usually to be ... Read More »

How do u know when your facebook has been hacked?

Well if you can't access your account, or email account in order to change your password then most-likely you may have been hacked. Make sure the password and email that your entering is defiantly... Read More »

Would you know if your facebook or email account has been hacked?

You would only know when you can't get into your accountbecause the password has been changed.If some gets into your account and does precisely nothing tothe account except read everything, you wou... Read More »