Have I created a fire hazard with the wires behind my computer.?

Answer To start out it sounds like you are preventing a fire hazard. Cords are alright being bound together. Thats why they have the rubber coating on the out side. So your fine there. Two being your prin... Read More »

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I have just bought a a Sony CD player but theres is no back wires/box with it were could i find these wires?

Try ebay they have it for a fact. and cheap

How to Find Electrical Wires Behind Drywall?

If you want to add an outlet to a room, you need to know how the electric runs in the walls. Punching holes in your drywall until you locate the conduit will work, but it will leave you with a mess... Read More »

How can i get a film trailer that i have created on imovie for the ipad onto my computer?

You can export the movie and save it to your camera roll on your iPad.You can then connect it to your computer (you don't say if it's a mac or pc).You could use iPhoto or Image Capture on a mac. O... Read More »

Have created myspace account with wrong address help?

Let me ask this, how old is the MySpace, account, that you used the wrong email to create it with? Once I know this information, I'll know better what I can tell you, that could be of help to you. ... Read More »