Have I created a fire hazard with the wires behind my computer.?

Answer To start out it sounds like you are preventing a fire hazard. Cords are alright being bound together. Thats why they have the rubber coating on the out side. So your fine there. Two being your prin... Read More »

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Who created the computer virus?

It's a constant battle between the virus protection poeple, and the ar**ho*es that write the viruses.

What is the most dangerous computer virus ever created and what does it do?

www.imginnadestroyyourcomputercutoffyour…try this website. it contains a highly potent virus.

Can you explain how the telephone wiring in my home works for the telephone My touch-tone phone has 4 wires, but I understand that only 2 wires are used. Does the phone use the other 2 wires for the light on the phone pad, etc. — DS, Larkspur, CA?

Your telephone performs all of its functions using only those 2 wires. The 2 extra wires are virtually never used by a single-line telephone. The only exception that I'm aware of is the old "Prince... Read More »

How can i get a film trailer that i have created on imovie for the ipad onto my computer?

You can export the movie and save it to your camera roll on your iPad.You can then connect it to your computer (you don't say if it's a mac or pc).You could use iPhoto or Image Capture on a mac. O... Read More »