Have an Orange wireless router. How do I use it for Tiscali account as I've cancelled orange?

Answer You can't. It's formatted only for Orange Broadband use and if you've cancelled the account with them, they probably want it back as technically, you're only renting it off them for the term of you... Read More »

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How do i open a port im using orange broadband 8meg wireless router as i cant get bitorrent to work properly?

I'm not sure but it might be worthwhile getting someone to pop over to your house to sort it out for you. I think PC World could help for about 60 pounds. Or you could do what I did and speak to on... Read More »

Broadband - which is better - Tiscali or Orange!?

Check out Broadband-Finder and independent broadband resource where you can compare the packages.They also have phone numbers for providers on there, so if there is any outstanding queries, you can... Read More »

I cancelled broadband but orange claim I didn't and are charging me?

Kick up a stink about it. They must have allowed it because yourMAC number must have been transferred to Sky otherwise if theyhadn't you wouldn't be getting broadband now!However I'm rather surpris... Read More »

Hi, basically i got a wireless router on my downstairs pc,witch is connecting through my tiscali broadband ?

If it's connected correctly, then type following command in command prompt (cmd.exe), it should display correct IP, netmask, gateway and DNS info. After that you should be able to ping the gateway ... Read More »