Have been trying to email two differnt address in aus tralia.,have used before can not use now why?

Answer Their domain for those e-mail address might be getting blocked by your ISP or yours by theirs. I would contact your e-mail provider and request assistance. They will be interested in knowing this... Read More »

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I have just discovered my email address is being used to forward spam- how do i stop this?

I'm assuming this is a home pc - it sounds as if you are a victim of a bot (a malicious program transmitted via a virus or trojan that logs into a remote server and becomes part of a botnet). Your ... Read More »

It will not let me sign into my hotmail email address, i think i have been hacked. Help!!?

Ok both other answers are good enough to recover your account, I can only add a couple of things.Firstly, Norton 360 = worse than dog poo at keeping the 'flies' away. I used to test internet securi... Read More »

I have just been informed that my email address has won one million us dollars has any one else had this messa?

Used hotmail email address?

Unless you have any kind of contact to the person who previously owned the account, the only thing you can do is make a new account or just learn to put up with the messages. The only way to actual... Read More »