Have bought wireless broadband, with router and would like to connect it to laptop?

Answer why pay your iinternet service provider to help you with that and then come here instead? they know more about that than we do.

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Do you need a wireless router to connect my laptop to the internet i only have hard-wire broadband in my hous?

You need a cable modem and an ethernet cable to plug in the laptop to the modem. No, you don't need a router unless you have a wifi laptop and don't want to use the ethernet cable to connect.

If i buy a laptop with a wireless router do i still have to pay for broadband?

Yes you have to pay, or you expect to magically connect thru Jesus?

I recently bought a laptop capable of using wiffi. Do I need a router to connect wireless to the internet?

A WiFi (not "wiffi") connection can be thought of as conceptually the same as a wired Ethernet connection. That means you need to get onto *some* local network in order to connect to the Internet. ... Read More »

Taken Sky broadband sent me Netgear wireless ADSL router but my PC doesn't have ethernet port, how to connect?

Your easies option would be to go to the local computer store and buy an inexpensive NIC card. This is a PCI network card. All you have to do is open the case install the card run the CD it comes w... Read More »