Have downloaded Quicktime but still can't play dvd on my computer. Any ideas ?

Answer DVD;s use the mpeg2 codec and if you are using Windows XP with WMP and quicktime then you will need to pay for and download the codec to watch DVD.s. Windows 7 has the mpeg2 codec included so you c... Read More »

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We have just downloaded explorer 7 and now I cant find my favourites. Any ideas how to get them up?

There are two gold stars in the upper left hand corner (underneath your two arrows) click on the left for favs and the right for Add favs.

I have Downloaded some video from "Youtube" and put it onto a DVD RW. It will play on my Computer?

Ryan is correct. I can also add that if the DVD is DVD-RW (minus sign), less DVD players are compatible with that unless they are finalized. Please look up what finalizing is for burning disks. I... Read More »

How do i watch a dvd on my computer i have tried to but it brings a box up which i cant get it to play from?

open My Computer > right click the dvdrom >properties >Click Autoplay tab >click the drop menu arrow > select dvd movie, then in the main window choose the program that you want to use to play it.I... Read More »

Downloaded films on disk to play on dvd player have succssessly burnt to disc but will only play on pc help?

It could be your DVD player. Some DVD players will not play movies made by a computer. Take your DVD to a friend's house or to a store that sells DVD players and ask them to try it. Try it in se... Read More »