Have router and working how do I get wireless to work with it?

Answer turn on the radio signal and let it get the ip address automatically:> peace.

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I have a new Netgear router but cannot get anything to work off of the wireless connection?

here is a guide to setting up your wireless networkyou will need to set up a new wireless network with encryption…

Why do i have a poor signal with my wireless router?

if your gonna get internet service dont get it from AOL, i have verizon and with wifi i get greet serivice with my wii, laptop, and desktop. i have the router downstairs and my desktop upstairs and... Read More »

I have a wireless laptop and router. i think i have installed it correctly. do i also need a wireless usb adap?

No. You would need that if your laptop didn't have a wireless card.

If i buy a laptop with a wireless router do i still have to pay for broadband?

Yes you have to pay, or you expect to magically connect thru Jesus?