Have you ever been on the internet or the world wide web?

Answer I see some people are REALLY running out of questions!!!!!!!!

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Can you surf the world wide web (go on the internet) 30,000 ft in the air?

Are the Internet and the World Wide Web the Same Thing?

The Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW or Web) are not the same thing, though they are related. The Internet encompasses the Web, but it also encompasses other online protocols in addition to the... Read More »

I have been messing around with proxies and ever since my pc keeps disconecting to the internet. please help?

Probably malware. Read this…

Do this mean i am pathetic. i have only ever, found love on the internet, but i've never been with a lover.?

Call it lack of confidence. You need to push yourself into action, ask to meet her, somewhere where she will feel safe. Be positive, be yourself, be humorous, not doleful. Above all, don't be afrai... Read More »