Have you ever checked your IP address and found that the internet thinks you live on the moon?

Answer No but I am pretty sure that some of the contributors in this department do not live on the same planet as the rest of us.

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Thanks guys i have checked the power steering thats fine checked coolant which is blue checked brake fluid tha?

For the benefit of those saying it's auto gearbox fluid, that model of Ka was never available with an auto transmission so it shouldn't have ATF in it.If you're not sure take it to a garage and get... Read More »

My colleage has just told me he checked on my computer and found i had been searching on him (which I have). I?

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I cancelled my insurance with my provider on May 2008, today i checked my statements and found out:?

No. You should have noticed these charges back in June and July on those statements. You are at fault for neglecting to follow up

What does the word Moon mean to you found on google what a hoot!?