Have you ever heard of or read about a community site called Zenzuu?

Answer Checked it out. It looks like a Facebook for the upper classes! Seems interesting though. I guess if you get into it early and it gets as big as facebook, you could make some cash.

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I recently read a full-page ad for FREE ELECTRICITY from a company called United Services Company of America. Their Website is at I walked through their site and viewed some of their videos "demonstrating" c?

What a great find! This site is filled with pseudo-science at its best. I don't know the history or training of these people, but it's pure garbage. They use the words of science but without any me... Read More »

Has anyone heard of a company called just I.T?

I worked in IT for over 2 years (recently left position.) Never heard of that company and when I just attempted to look it up couldn't find anything.

Has anyone heard of free antivial software called AVG?

its really good. i have it and am currently using the 7.5 (newest version) get it from

Has anyone used or heard of a company called 'debt free me'?

if you type company debt free me in search for questions you will find a lot of q/a on the company!!!