Have you ever wondered what Facebook, Twitter, etc, are doing to your mind?

Answer As the song goes... ♫♪Everyone's gone to the moon♫♪ ♪♫Everyone's gone to the LOON♪♫ Oh boy, we're boned... Do the Bender! Ramblings courtesy of the Big F and the wee T. You know wha... Read More »

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Have u ever wondered.....?

Your our skin contains melanoin but your hair doesn't so it can absorb the uv raysIt is almost physically impossibe to touch your eyes and not open your mouth because of your reflexs. When you ope... Read More »

Have you ever wondered where the missing socks go?

Hi WendyThe sock monster, uses them to line his nest under your bed....

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam and wondered?

No .. I just wonder if they're ALL going to be in front of us for the WHOLE journey.Although I do 'people watch' as well, wonder who they are, what life they've led, what their names are, where the... Read More »

How do i explain that i have changed my mind about doing an NVQ?

For your future you will be better to do the NVQ, you have the Internet to find all the answers and you cannot fail an NVQ, you do it in parts and send the first part to be corrected and if it is w... Read More »