Have you ever wondered what Facebook, Twitter, etc, are doing to your mind?

Answer As the song goes... ♫♪Everyone's gone to the moon♫♪ ♪♫Everyone's gone to the LOON♪♫ Oh boy, we're boned... Do the Bender! Ramblings courtesy of the Big F and the wee T. You know wha... Read More »

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Changed my mind about the message i sent to someone on facebook?

Are you fully aware of what happens to your mind every time you click on the big blue F (a k a Facebook)?

You do really need to keep up you know!This is just a sample and some of these go back five years!……http://www.da... Read More »

What do these <> mean on facebook and twitter.?

these signs are used in maths so it's as though instead of saying 1>0 (one is greater than 0) it's as though Justin is better than One Direction :) like my life is > than yours is the same as my li... Read More »

Facebook or twitter better?

Facebook, twitter is for celebrities, and only two people I know are on twitter