Have you every heard of for free calls?

Answer jajah is perfectly safe. I`ve had it installed on my Comp sometime now but very rarely use it. You used to be able to get free calls between other jajah users but not sure if thats still the case. ... Read More »

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Have heard if you enter your pin backwards at an ATM it gives money and calls the police?

cant be true. what if your pin was 2332 for example..please think before you post up stupidity!

Not chatting..... Have you heard the expression .. There`s no such thing as a free lunch?

ive heard it! it means nothing comes for free gran-e....

Although I have heard that CD players are on average better at reproducing sound, I have also heard that the best sound quality can still be had from high end phonographs. To what extent is this true?

The digitization process does introduce some distortions into the sound signal, including aliasing (confusion about high frequencies) and quantization error (round-off errors in recording the softe... Read More »

How to Make Free Calls to a Landline PC Telephone?

With quality speakers and microphones (or a headset), you can make calls from your PC to a landline and your recipient would not know that you're using your computer to call. There is free software... Read More »