Have you had problems with BT Infinity Home Hub on LAN?

Answer I have used the business hub and installed it with a Cisco ASA a few months back - it's exactly the same device with a different sticker.Our Home Hub with BT Infinity has been fine, never even had ... Read More »

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What it the quickest internet homehub other that BT Infinity i have BT Home Hub 2.0?

If you think the equipment is poor then get BT to check it remotely. It is not usually the hub that determines the speed but your Internet provider. Effectively there are only 2 types of connection... Read More »

Does anyone else have problems with their BT home hub?

I had this problem for a while, and I think it may have been due to overheating as since I moved it, it has run smoothly. I think also BT limit your connection speed between around 4pm and 1am when... Read More »

How do i connect a bt infinity home hub to a sky hd box?

Use a ethernet cable and plug it in to the green socket on your sky box.

BT Infinity home hub cables?

Having just in the last few days had a BT engineer around to install Infinity (a free upgrade), the fibre optics terminate at the nearest BT junction box to your home, they do not extend into your ... Read More »