Having trouble with wired connection?

Answer you may have a poor land line, try at different times of the day to find a time when the connection is best

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Is it possible for wired connection to "steal" WiFi?

Depending on the router, most of the time Priority of Service is given to the Ethernet connections. Because you are connected via an ethernet connection where everyone else is wireless, you could b... Read More »

Which is more secure a wireless network or a wired connection and why?

a wired networ is more secure because info can be encrypted, there are firewalls, and it is usually passward protected sometimes with more than 1 passward. wifi networks are easy to hack.

Computer not picking up wired connection, only wireless?

What operating system do you have ?Go into the network section within control panel and check to see if your network card is detected and listed there. If it has a red x it means it's not working o... Read More »

Networking Issue, wired Connection with DNS issues.?

You have to set up the guest house router to work just as an access point. You cant have 2 routers as dhcp servers in the same network. The ethernet cable on this router cannot go on the WAN port, ... Read More »