Hello ppl. how can i change my facebook chat sound?

Answer you cant unfortunately, its not customisable, maybe make a group and facebook will listen

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How to Stop the Chat Sound in Facebook?

Facebook chat offers a way to have private, real-time interactions with people on your friends list. The conversations typically take place in the bottom right corner of your Facebook screen, but F... Read More »

I sound horrible on voice chat please help :(?

You are probably just hearing what your voice sounds like to others...It's the same for everybody, when you normally hear yourself speak a lot of the 'sound' is actually direct vibrations through y... Read More »

Where can I download the old facebook app for blackbery from the one without facebook chat included?

you will only be able to download itfrom the messenger link

Complain about the new facebook chat by going here:…?…This might be helpfull for you