Help!! Email account trouble!!?

Answer You have been infected by spyware - this is a common methods for nefarious individual to spread malicious emails.You need to run a good spyware checker including spybot, windows defender or adaware... Read More »

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Windows Live email trouble. Help?

Try contacting them directly by email or create a new account in windows live sign up for a new one or use alternitive email account to send the code to!!! good luck if u get stuck then email me wi... Read More »

My ipad is with google & has gmail account, can i get yahoo account & email instead help?

You can still make a yahoo account but can't connect it as your main one for the iPad.

Why am I receiving emails to my own email account from my own email account?

You should never re-use a password that has been compromised. Someone has access to your email account.Immediately change your passwords to something entirely new.

Help with google AdSense account email?

Just knowing your email address should be no great risk, as long as you have a good unguessable password you don't use elsewhere, at worst (I guess) they cold enter your address in lost password fo... Read More »