Help!! Email account trouble!!?

Answer You have been infected by spyware - this is a common methods for nefarious individual to spread malicious emails.You need to run a good spyware checker including spybot, windows defender or adaware... Read More »

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Why am I receiving emails to my own email account from my own email account?

You should never re-use a password that has been compromised. Someone has access to your email account.Immediately change your passwords to something entirely new.

I received an email saying i need to verify my hotmail email account; phishing scam?

100% scam.That is a scammer trying to hi-jack your email address to spam all your contacts and then use the account to spam hundreds/thousands of others.Yahoo and all email companies, all banks and... Read More »

Facebook says "Incorrect email address" when i type in the email for my account?

At first, lo-gin E-mail account than click Facebook mail.

Let's say I delete my email account. Someone else accquires my email 3 days later...?

The postmaster will be notified that the account is closed then all mail gets returned. the closed account sits dormant for months until no activity before its deleted.