Help! Every time I save and close my essay (rtf) and then open it again the formatting goes mad! Help!!?

Answer You don't say which word-processing program you are using, but this is a known issue with Open Office. The solution is to create and use a new paragraph style. From the menu (in my version), select... Read More »

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What do you do if the google playstore wont open because every time i tap it, it goes on and then off again.?

Try reformating phone (you will loose data but will almost defiantly work) to do this go to settings then factory reset

Hi, I listen to music on my PC, and the volume goes very low then comes high again, can anyone help?

if it is all your sounds it is your speakers or your sound card if you have one. if it is jsut a few songs then it is the file

Computer Keeps turning off & on every 2 seconds and then screen goes black with NO SOUND !! PLEASE HELP !?

Herald Potter is potty - DO NOT DELETE your system32 folder it will make your computer unusable, not a very smart comment from a not very smart contributor.Your battery is flat, charge the battery ... Read More »

I always block my contacts on MSN but every-time I open up again they are open! Any tips why?

You're not doing it right. Open messenger and click on the cotact you want to blockThen right click the contactyou will see a menu and the option to block themclick that option and then a message w... Read More »