Help! Every time I save and close my essay (rtf) and then open it again the formatting goes mad! Help!!?

Answer You don't say which word-processing program you are using, but this is a known issue with Open Office. The solution is to create and use a new paragraph style. From the menu (in my version), select... Read More »

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Every time I close my firefox and re-open it, it shows my previous session ...?

tools>options>general, change the top panel from show my tabs and windows from last time to open my home page

I have a driver I want to drop down from 9.5 to 8.5 do I open or close?

he is talking about a golf club ...the driver open the face ...turn it down

What time are the shops open in maidstone open till?

From one in morning 'till two the next day, happy shopping

I always block my contacts on MSN but every-time I open up again they are open! Any tips why?

You're not doing it right. Open messenger and click on the cotact you want to blockThen right click the contactyou will see a menu and the option to block themclick that option and then a message w... Read More »