Help, Ive just bought something on ebay, and didnt mean too, How to i get out of it?

Answer Contact the seller immediately. Some honest sellers will acknowledge the mistake and let you get out of it easily.I am an avid user of eBay services and the only time I accidentally purchased an it... Read More »

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Bought item on ebay 23 weeks ago,still didnt get it help please?

Get the sellers address from Ebay and take him to Small Claims Court.Alternatively, if you suspect fraud then it is a police matter..

I just did something really stupid on Ebay - Please Help!!?

If the item is still in bidding, use the bid retraction feature to retract your bid. If the auction is over, and you won the item, mistake or not, it's yours pay the seller. If you start getting ne... Read More »

I bought something on ebay and can't collect it?

you should be talking to the could arrange for a currior to pick up the packed console. you can search online for curriors to collect the parcel.tell the seller of the situation by sendi... Read More »

Can i return something i bought from ebay if it doesn't work?

Yes, if it says on the order form that you can... Otherwise NO.