Help, Ive just bought something on ebay, and didnt mean too, How to i get out of it?

Answer Contact the seller immediately. Some honest sellers will acknowledge the mistake and let you get out of it easily.I am an avid user of eBay services and the only time I accidentally purchased an it... Read More »

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Bought item on ebay 23 weeks ago,still didnt get it help please?

Get the sellers address from Ebay and take him to Small Claims Court.Alternatively, if you suspect fraud then it is a police matter..

Bought a 3 or three mobile broadband dongle, with £25 top up, expires after 30 days and they didnt tell me?

If you bought the top up at a 3 Shop I would suggest you go back to the shop and explain that it was not clear when you bought the top up that it expires after a month. If you bought online then I'... Read More »

I bought an item from ebay and it didn't arrive. The person has deleted thier ebay account so what can i do?

depends how you card, your card company will reimburse you.paypal.......ebay will fight for you, but they will ask you to try and resolve it with the buyer yourself, before they ste... Read More »

**EBAY** I recently bought an item off ebay, which was wrongly descriped....?

dude, at least u stoped that user from hurting other people like urself. u hiuld always check feedback b4 buying something off ebay.