Help... With a print screen app?

Answer Hold down power button and volume down button. It works on my android 4.0 no app needed

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Print Screen?

just press the print screen key on the keybored and paste it onto a paint/word document and save it then you have the picture. you can also crop it and all. meh!

How do You Screen Print?

Screen printing is done by using a woven screen mesh stretched over a frame to which a stencil is attached. The stencil is used to allow ink through the holes of the stencil, thus imprinting the de... Read More »

How do i use print screen?

I have an HP Laptop and was struggling too, tried all the options - holding down control/ alt keys etc thens potted that the Prt Sc Button had a sq box round the text, found a button on bottom row ... Read More »

How do I print the screen on my PC?

The main ways i have learned to do this is:1. Place screen on photocopying machine and get a copy of it.2. Take a photo with a polaroid camera in black and white or colour it doesn't matter.and fin... Read More »