Help i cant join xbox360 live i have ntl broadband through my phone line with a usb modem?

Answer simple solution is purchase a Ethernet switch. around £10.00 for a 4 port.set up like this. Modem to switch Switch to PCSwitch to XboxProblem solved and happy gamingPS this will also alow to play ... Read More »

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Cable to connect modem to phone line?

Why do i need phone line for a broadband?

If the provider is not cable based they will use your phone line to deliver the connection through a new or existing phone line, usually as an ASDL service.The only other option is a cable provider... Read More »

Can you get broadband in the uk without a phone line?

Virgin are the only company that will be able to offer this as they don't use BT lines, they have their own network infrastructure and can put a data line directly into your property. I also find ... Read More »

What is wrong with my phone line and broadband connection?

Either your house wiring is bad, or the cable from BT is bad. Assuming BT is similar as MaBell, you will have a test point on the side of your house. Do it. Run a cable from the NID and see if e... Read More »