Help i cant join xbox360 live i have ntl broadband through my phone line with a usb modem?

Answer simple solution is purchase a Ethernet switch. around £10.00 for a 4 port.set up like this. Modem to switch Switch to PCSwitch to XboxProblem solved and happy gamingPS this will also alow to play ... Read More »

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What is wrong with my phone line and broadband connection?

Either your house wiring is bad, or the cable from BT is bad. Assuming BT is similar as MaBell, you will have a test point on the side of your house. Do it. Run a cable from the NID and see if e... Read More »

I want to upgrade from dial up to BT Broadband with home hub. Do I need another phone line put in?

1 phone line will do. I would say that the customer service/billing etc departments which are all based in India are apalling so dont do it.if you really want to go with BT (gawd knows why) then do... Read More »

I am to stay where there is no broadband. Can i connect to my btinternet account through the modem on my lap?

No!!! I have been in this position and they offered to set up a separate to pay for dial up account - I politely declined. The best way to do this for a short period of time (assuming there are no ... Read More »

Cable to connect modem to phone line?