Help!! i have accidentally knocked off my sister wireless?

Answer i know, as usual i'm late replying...:(but when ever that happens to me... 1) unplug the router2) reboot all computers3) plug the router back in.all of the computers should automatically link up to... Read More »

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I have a wireless laptop and router. i think i have installed it correctly. do i also need a wireless usb adap?

No. You would need that if your laptop didn't have a wireless card.

Trying to help sister get her Twitter account back. Any help?

If she de activated it under 30 days ago then she can just log in and it will be back to normal. However if it's been de activated for longer than 30 days then it'll permanently delete and she'll h... Read More »


best advice here so far is to be calm and please provide more information. There isn't enough data here to determine your problem.Don't do anything. Leave the computer alone. Just tell us what happ... Read More »

Can you use any wireless mouse with any keyboard If so what do I have to do to connect it Help and thanks.?

Yes of course you can.A wireless mouse comes with a receiver [and software if required]and instructions on how to set it up.