Help im going to kill everyone in my local comet store.?

Answer You would want to talk to someone more in charge, such as a Manager.Mention the Sale of Goods Act 1979.They need to repair within a reasonable amount of time.You should mention to them since they a... Read More »

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I am going to be a single working mum, i need to know if i will get any help from the local council paying tax?

You can get single persons relief on your council tax

I bought a Laptop in Comet, i want to use my Warranty, would they fix it in store or send me to someone else?

If it still has the 12 months they will tell you to phone the number in your intro book. They'll call a courier and take it and then contact you when it's ready. Make a list of what's gone in the... Read More »

What are everyone fave clothes store?

How can i go about getting a job at my local PC world store ?

Perhaps they use this as some sort of 'exam' (if you can't find the application forms on-line, you are not persistant enough (or clever enough) to work there :-) )To assist you = go to the PC World... Read More »