Help ive made my facebook screen really small?

Answer Press Ctrl and then the + =button

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I have a 24" screen and the fonts are REALLY small how can I make them bigger?

You can't do this from the keyboard but I can take you through this step by step so that you know where you need to go in the panels, even if you can't read them.Right click on your desktop.Click o... Read More »

My hotmail screen has gone really small- I can't barely see the writing, how do I get it back to normal?

Press cntl key and use the scroller on your mouse to increase or decrease the size other wise at the bottom right of the screen there should be a little box with a percentage in it if you click on ... Read More »

I have made friends with a justin bieber on facebook and he says its really him?

Not likely.Most celeb Facebook accounts aren't really run by the celebs they claim to be.

Help! Everything on my monitor is really small!?

simply go to the desktop (screen with your background and icons)right click on it using you mouse,select "display settings"then a window will open,it will have some tabs at the topscreen saver, des... Read More »