Help me pleaaasei really need help?

Answer System recovery only restores back to the last time the System was saved, so unless you saved your system status while the document was on the computer you really have nothing to worry about.Also, ... Read More »

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I badly need help with this finance.please anyone who could help i will be really greatful.pleaseee help.plzzz?

Myspace help!!! i really need some help here pleasssssee?

Either start a whole new My Space or answer the secret question on my space that they asked you when you first signed up!

Weebly Help please really need help?

It depends on how you have added the image - if it's via CSS then you won't be able to add a link as the image is not actulally in the code for the page.

Really need help can someone help us?

It doesn't have to be elaborate! Something like "Hey everyone! We're Georgia and Nikita and this is our first video. We're at Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park!" If you can remain entertaining and upl... Read More »