Help me transfer files to new hosting please.?

Answer I'd be willing to help.

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How to Use a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable to Transfer Files?

The Belkin Easy Transfer cable facilitates the transfer of data from an older computer to a Windows 7 machine. Instead of using USB flash drives, external hard drives and optical discs to transfer ... Read More »

How do I transfer files etc from an old pc?

I would probably email them to your new computer and if you can't do that, use a memory stick.

How to Transfer Files From a PVR to a PC?

After shooting several home movies with your video camera, which may also be called a personal video recorder (PVR) or digital video recorder (DVR) depending on its manufacturer, you may want to gi... Read More »

Transfer files from one pc to another.?

Tommy,The best 2 ways are as follows:--1) Either you can use Cross Cat 5 Cable to use for transferring the files. In this case you need to give some kind of IP Address and it will be faster.2) You ... Read More »