Help me with changing my ip?

Answer There are only 2 IP addresses ! for your computer 1 for the router The router allocates your computer an IP address automatically, (it just takes the next one available unless you allocate your c... Read More »

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Would changing SATA settings from AHCI to IDE gave a BSOD. If so would changing back fix this.?

Why would you do such a thing?The vast majority of people are trying to switch the other way?Yes, switching it back in "set up" will usually make your computer bootable again.As a note "Advanced Fo... Read More »

Changing To Bt Infinity And I'm Thinking Of Changing My Laptop?

Last year I had the dilemma do I buy a new laptop or an ipad2. I wasn't very excited about spending £300-£400 buying a new laptop as I knew it would do the same as the old one only a bit quicker. ... Read More »

Why does water boil at lower or higher temperatures under varying atmospheric pressures Do changing vapor pressures above a liquid play a role in changing boiling points of liquids — KC, East Greenwich, RI?

A liquid boils when its vapor pressure reaches atmospheric pressure. While a liquid will evaporate at temperatures below the boiling temperature, that evaporation only occurs from the surface of th... Read More »

I'm changing my name...?