Help my pc is not working?

Answer Has anything changed? New Software ? New device? Please can you provide a little more information on make / model and operating system?Thanks

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After working 3 yrs full time 8am to 4pm , can my employer change my working hours to 7am to 3pm ( please help?

Probably not if you have a contract stating your working hours. Speak to your HR dept, or get outside advice from Citizens Advice Bureau.

I have a Renault Laguna with the heating and aircon not working. It suddenly stopped working. I need some help?

Probably not much you can do yourself without at least a workshop manual, have you got one? Have you tried playing with the wires again?...

Anyone that can help solve why my domain isn't working or connecting please help?

What web server are you using?You should have a backup page?Are you really programing without Git BASH?a computer doesn't automatically delete things... a file can get corrupted but not deleted....

Mac not working Help ?