Help no boot mbr and i cant install windows?

Answer after pushing the button for turning your pc press delete button on your keyboard repeatedly till a page shows up then search for primary boot device and select your cd\dvd drive and remember to sa... Read More »

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I have to re-install GFX driver every time I boot windows 7?

you don't need to install gfx drivers every time computer restarts, only you need to install when you installing new OS. so reinsert your video card properly make sure it is properly fixed, update ... Read More »

If I install Ipc 10.5.6 in a different partition of my windows seven will it work as dual boot?

I don't know about the Ipc but what I know is when I tried to install both windows xp and windows 7 it went crap, they didn't supported each other. And why would you want to remove windows 7 as it ... Read More »

Can i put Mountain lion osx boot and windows 8 boot on the same sd card ?

Can I dual boot Windows XP Home and Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Beta 3?

So long as you install them into separate partitions I see no reason why not. Always install the oldest Operating System first though as the later will overwrite the Boot.ini and cause you headache... Read More »