Help please seriously?

Answer In the "old days", it was "my dog ate my homework"....Seriously, if he knows where the pen drive is, someone must be there that he knows. Get them to get the pen drive, plug it into their computer ... Read More »

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I need a website taken down, please help me seriously...?

I have exactly this problem with f/b. someone has posted a fake page with a photo of me and facts about me that make me look foolish. It seems to be linked my own real page although I cant control ... Read More »

Please help. I really need to find a job that enables me to work from home i seriously need to earn a living?

I know of 2 ways to make money at home and both are not scams. 1- call a local secreterial service and see if they have any openings for at home secrataries. (a friend of mine just has calls from h... Read More »

How can this happen-seriously need someone to calm me please!!!!?

I have no idea at all Dris, but suspect he is out on licence. Keep clear of him - I bet the court would not be so lenient with you should you get embroiled with him. By all means monitor and record... Read More »

HELP! Seriously an idiot :(?

If it says London E15 it is Stratford. If it says London W12 it is White City. If it is White City, allow a good half hour to find the store as the place is huge.