Help serious answers only please...?

Answer 1. You should always backup your valuble data on a regular basis anyway!2. If you having serious problems backup straight away everything you can and want to keep.3. Try using system restore (in he... Read More »

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How do u make a complaint 2 yahoo answers bout answers to ur question that u find offensive/not happy with?

You can "report abuse" by clicking the red flag icon underneath their answer.

Is Wiki answers less cliquey and corrupt than Yahoo Answers?

Wiki Answers has no real community as such, so there is none of the stuff you mention... However, I would still say Y!A is much better for answers, a large number of questions on Wiki Answers don't... Read More »

Is this right UK answers only please?

ACAS can help you with this matter. They have a phone helpline and I have used them several times (as an employee and employer). It's government based and will give you a non-bias answer. http://ww... Read More »

Answers on Answers?

don't know why people feel the need to do this, some of these questions are extremely serious, i posted a life or computer death question and got some ridiculous answers, i wouldn't dream of doing ... Read More »