Help serious answers only please...?

Answer 1. You should always backup your valuble data on a regular basis anyway!2. If you having serious problems backup straight away everything you can and want to keep.3. Try using system restore (in he... Read More »

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Help with checking for virus or other Only serious & relevant answers please.?

If you trust Norton you are at serious risk. You, let this in by clicking the link without thinking, you obviously did not use your brain, once you do that, Norton will totally ignore it. Your mach... Read More »

How can i make serious answers only please!?

depends on how fast... get a job. if you have something of value, sell it. it's difficult to give you serious answers when we only have 1/2 the information.

Deposit on a mortgage application - only serious and informed answers please!?

I gift is a gift, and does not obligate you to be on the mortgage. They more often come from relatives, but gifts are common. The mortgage company could get a little iffy because she did not disclo... Read More »

Serious answers only please, how can i raise enough money by saturday to go home for xmas?

As an art student can't you raise money by selling paintings, offer to paint someones cat/dog for Christmas for a price. Have you got anything to sell like jewellery? Worst comes to worst can you b... Read More »