Help, the the things you use to close, minimize and go full screen are gone?

Answer They've made some changes to Windows 8 so you're going to have to learn some new things. I recommend reading the help files first. On the screen with all the tiles, type the word help. Help and Sup... Read More »

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The screen on my pc has gone smaller, how can I get it back to full screen.?

Click on the middle box in the top right corner to maximise, the one next to the red cross.

When i watch movies on divvx i press button to go full screen and screen goes black. can anyone help please?

My screen has gone really wide help!!!?

If you have Windows 7:Right click on your desktop and select "Screen Resolution" Find the right resolution for your monitor. It may take a while to find the correct one!If you have Windows XP (or s... Read More »

Side of Screen gone black! Help!!?

I assume you are referring to a laptop?If you are then it sounds like damage to the liquid crystal Of the LCD. It takes very littlepressure applied to the screen to cause damage.I replace a lot of ... Read More »