Help with downloading steam?

Answer Any Steam selection is OK.They just want to give you a estimated download time based on your Internet connection speed .For your 12 Mbps download speed I would choose:Cable/Fiber > 10MWhich simply ... Read More »

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Why does steam tell me its downloading faster than it is?

Estimates can be quite hours off. Averages do not tell the whole story. Your download speed will fluctuate a lot. Especially during these hours of Christmas sale for Steam. A lot of users are downl... Read More »

I tried downloading google sketchup, and it has been downloading for the last hour, what should I do?

Why is steam so efficient when cooking food and can you explain how so much heat is released when the steam changes phase, i.e. condenses?

Steam is the gaseous form of water and consists of independent water molecules. When steam comes in contact with relatively cool food, the water molecules have the opportunity to stick to one anoth... Read More »

What is it about Steam power makes it so interesting. Steam cars, wagons,?

I am so glad steam trains were the norm when I was young. They were so big, the heels were bigger than me really grand. They were kept shiny and clean. I loved the smell of the dirty steam especial... Read More »