Help with exam question plzzzzzzzzzz?

Answer lol. this is a fun/funny question. Here's my best guess.Data source = e.g. a computer hard drive, thumbdrive, destination = e.g. computer speakerscommunication channel - e.g. keyboard

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Exam question on 64-bit computers?

generally , that is a sufficient explanation.. it could be inferred that the 64 bit bus would be too expensive to implement if the processor, memory manager, and data transfer devices could not use... Read More »

Help for exam - optimisation question?

Marketing Exam Question - Need Help?

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Please can someone help this computing exam style question?

#include#includevoid main() { int a, b; a=4; b=10; if( a == b) { printf(" This is false "); } else { printf(" this is true "); } getch();}in UNIX, you don't need to include conio.h file and you h... Read More »