Help with installing drivers on Dell Inspiron 15r w/ windows 7?

Answer well , after you insert CD let the Setup Run for which it prompts you for . it will automatically detect your drivers and show a list.Drivers to be installed :1. Graphics driver ( intel GMA in mos... Read More »

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How Do I Download Drivers for My Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop With No Internet Access?

If you have just set up Internet access on your Dell Inspiron 1525 via a Wi-Fi card or cable you are going to need the proper drivers installed on your computer. The driver is what allows the Inter... Read More »

Dell Inspiron 1525, Windows Help ?

Using Dell Factory Image Restore in Windows Vista Notice: Restoring the original factory image erases ALL existing data. This includes files, folders, programs, drivers, E-mails, photos. Before... Read More »

After installing windows 7 on my laptop can i use windows vista drivers?

Try Downloading Driver Max It gives You All The Latest Drivers For Free You Just Have To SignUp And Then If U Want You Can Upgrade Your AccountDownload It Here :

RE Installing Windows XP On My Dell?

right if you reinstall windows you lose every thing and when you use a external to put things back on like files and still wont reconise that they are there untill you have showen it which some tim... Read More »