Help with movie maker?

Answer For your first problem, you need to publish your movie. So click on movie maker, then open your movie up via the "open" menu. To publish it there will probably be a button along the top or click on... Read More »

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Windows Movie Maker won't let me publish my movie Please Help?

The problem is often the result of: -Insufficient computer memory for the complexity of your project, combined with other tasks your computer is doing as it renders the movie. -Using source f... Read More »


I think this is a possible bug in Movie Maker, I can select up to 4x speed with sound but anything above that and I get no sound.

Windows movie maker (2.6) to youtube... HELP?

Re-encode it again & try uploading. Clean your browser's cookies & resign-in.

Windows Movie Maker. Help please!?

Well to make pictures longer you go to the time-line button and either drag the pictures longer or shorter depending on how long you want to see the picture. For music you can make songs blend into... Read More »