Help with playing a DVD on my computer?

Answer Download VLC Player, it'll play anything and it's free :)

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My computer is playing up!!!?

your monitor could be damaged, if you can't see absolutely nothing. You can try entering to the bios, or in safe mode, pressing F8 , you should see a menu that indicates which way you want to sta... Read More »

Computer monitor playing up?

Possibly overheating??? Will it turn straight back on? Or only after a while. If it turns back on then it won't be overheating does it blue screen? Might just need an is restore

How many of you as the same as me and keep playing solitaire on the computer?

I do, but only because i have got nothing better to do at the moment. and it is free. spider solitaire is good do you have a brother called Wan ?

My mousepad on my computer is playing up?