Help with playing a DVD on my computer?

Answer Download VLC Player, it'll play anything and it's free :)

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Help with my computer playing random noises?

:D rolf..Considering your pc have no seems you either have malicious software\ 'scheduled tasks' that plays songs\ or a remote hacker that is logged to your pc..and do what ever he [\sh... Read More »

My computer is playing up. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with it?

hi i had this problem a while back when decoratingcomputers hate to be moved and i had to move mineall it was was the graphics card and moved when i removed the case and pushed it all was ok

AAAAAHHHH!!!! My 6 year old has been playing with the computer and the screen is now sideways!?

Depending on your video card, right click on your desktop and go to Properties. Go to Settings. Click on Advanced... You should see a tab with your video card. Make sure your rotation is set to... Read More »

Help with playing video on HP laptop?

try a free program vlc from