Help with telephone interview for secretary/admin role?

Answer Just be honest, first mention how good your typing and admin skills are and then say whilst you haven't directly done audio-typing its something that you feel quite confident in doing. You are will... Read More »

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Role play phone interview for a general insurance role, any tips?

is this a sales role? will you be selling insurance?If so you can research on how to overcome objections. ie. Your customer might say "not interested" how will you respond to that?Always rememeber ... Read More »

Interview with British gas, have been told that it entails an role play as well as an interview?

Haha!! I did that!! I failed my ropelplay!! U have to pretend to be on the phone to a customer and the person at the interview plays the customer!! You have two sheets of paper to study and memoris... Read More »

Interactive Activities & Role-Plays to Teach Telephone Etiquette?

Telephone etiquette is something that isn't taught as often as it used to be. However, it is important that children learn to talk properly on the phone, as those skills will carry with them throug... Read More »

Telephone Interview!?

Difficult to know for sure but I guess you would be up against 6 - 10 people maximum.They will reduce this to 3 or 4 people at the final stage.Good luck