Help with user name ?

Answer saucy orsuper megagr8

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What is the difference between being logged in by the system as a default user and my profile user at work?

Logging in under certain user names allows the IT guys to monitor things much more closely. Usually custom profiles such as the one you have at work are allowed more privileges over default or gues... Read More »

I have a secondhand laptop and when it turns on the user name says -'user' how can I change this to my name?

Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Change Account>Change Name

Laptop Problems: Windows Vista: User Profile Service Failed The Log On. User Profile Can Not Be Loaded?

You could try activating the hidden Administrator account from within 'Safe Mode'. Note that it may not work if your profile permissions are screwed, but its worth a try. If you are able to activ... Read More »

Is it illegal for a facebook user to steal photos of another facebook user and shamelessly used them?

surly when ppl put pics of themself online there putting them out there at their own risk...