Hey it's a stormy night is it safe to use the comp?

Answer if you have some kind of surge protector or UPS you will be okif you dont i wouldnt risk itand even if you do if you are workin g on things that are important i would save as you go to make sure yo... Read More »

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Computer takes me to the safe mode screen when comp starts up - help?

Arghh. Erm.Do you have a Boot cd, try and boot from that...If not, i would say its a hardware problem:S

Is it safe to go out at night?

A safe bet would be to invest in a tazer, pistol, or how about a dog, preferably a large dog, that can eat people.

How safe are trains at night?

5-6 is evening rather than night and New Street (assuming you mean New Street instead of Moor St or Snow Hill) is brightly lit.The train will be very full as 5-6 is rush hour (have you got the righ... Read More »

How Can I Keep My Teen Safe on Prom Night?

Every parent worries when teens are out late, and prom night is notorious for after prom parties, which creates an even greater sense of worry. There are some steps you can take to make sure your ... Read More »